A l l e   J o n g

CV Art Projects
Museum Belvedere - DeAfslag
Guided tour trough Alle jong his solo show at Museum Belvedere, dependance de afslag.
Drawing centre Diepenheim
Guided tour trough Alle jong his solo show at Drawing Centre Diepenheim.
Drents Museum
Interview Hilde van Canneyt.
Sketchy Fables
Videogame Sketchy Fables
Performance original 18th century dress
At the opening of Alle Jong's exhibition at the Drents Museum, he had a girl model an original 18th-century dress.
"En plein virtuel" project: Merging physical painting into the virtual
In my 'En plein virtuel' project, I delve into the evolving frontier of art in an era where the increasing prominence of AI and virtual worlds, exemplified by platforms like VRchat and Second Life, signal the burgeoning impact of the virtual domain on our human experience.
Château de Versailles
Discover the art installation I created, incorporating Horace Vernet's final portrait of his daughter, accentuated with wings I designed around her visage. Following its prominence in the installation, the illustrious painting is set to be displayed at Château de Versailles.